Our History

Church History

Fort Foote Baptist was established following a 1955 religious survey by the Congress Heights Baptist Church of Southeast Washington. The survey showed that there was a need for a church in the Fort Washington area. The Fort Foote Mission was soon started and created the Fort Foote Baptist Chapel. It's first worship service was held on Easter Sunday in 1956 in a converted fruit storage facility with the Reverend R. Carol Bruce presiding. Soon after, the name was changed to Fort Foote Baptist Church and a sanctuary was constructed. The sanctuary accommodated the congregation until 2001, at that time, due to the growing congregation, the church expansion project was complete. 

Since the church was established, seven pastors have served as the under shepherd. The seventh and current pastor is Reverend Dr. Joseph W. Lyles. He was called to the church on April 8, 1990. 

Under Rev. Dr. Lyles' leadership, membership has grown from 150 members in 1991 to over 1500 members. Sunday School attendance has quadrupled. The Wednesday night Bible Study has more than doubled in attendance. The number of choirs has increased from two to seven and the ministries and committees have grown from 22 to more than 40.

In 1995, the church started a child care center with 15 children. Presently, the Fort Foote Baptist Church Child Development Center now serves 100 children from the church and the community.

With the belief of worshipping locally and serving globally, Fort Foote Baptist Church participates in missionary work in several countries including Jamaica, Kenya and Russia. Members also serve locally with the Meals on Wheels program, shelters, teen pregnancy facilities, along with providing assistance at local nursing homes. Members of the Evangelism Ministry frequently travel into the community to share the good news of Jesus Christ. 

As the congregation steadily grows, Fort Foote Baptist Church continues to find additional ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ while serving the local and global community.