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Deaconess Ministry

As Deaconesses, we are to encourage and promote a more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; we are to stimulate personal and spiritual growth among women of all ages (especially our young ladies) in our church and community. We seek to accomplish this by praying, building positive relationships, reflecting Christ in our service to others and growing in our personal spiritual walk. Deaconesses are primarily servant leaders with an emphasis on service.

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Mission Statement

As Deaconesses, our mission is to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ; to carry out the vision of the Pastor and the mission of Fort Foote Baptist Church; to be liaisons between ministers, leaders and the congregation. Deaconesses prepare the ordinances for Holy Communion and Baptism. We are to be dedicated servants of the people within the church as we assist with the development of the lives of young girls and women, assisting the needy, and promoting the spiritual growth of the body of Christ. The Deaconess Ministry focuses on prayer, exhibiting love and unity within our ministry, church family and community.

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Foundational Scripture

“And, whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”   Colossians 3:17 (NLT)

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Deaconess Beverly Inman


Deaconess Dr. Melissa McGuire

1st Vice Chair

Deaconess Mildred Haynes

2nd Vice Chair

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Deaconess Kathy Lovick


Deaconess Cathy Harrell

Assistant Secretary

Deaconess Dorothy Townsell


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Deaconess Lori Hill

Assistant Treasurer

Deaconess Gwendolyn Wooten


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Deaconess Mae Lena Cephas

Deaconess Deborah Gore


Deaconess Deborah Hicks


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Deaconess Arthinia Morgan


Deaconess Leslie Turner


Deaconess Emeritus Mae Green


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Deaconess Emeritus Erma Hines


Deaconess Emeritus Beatrice Howell


Deaconess Emeritus Susie Lee


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Deaconess Emeritus Elizabeth Lee


Deaconess Emeritus Bettye McKinnon


Deaconess Emeritus Ernestine Thompson


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Deaconess Emeritus Brenda Woodard